a clean office and a healthy environment

A Clean Office and a Healthy Environment

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The cleanliness of your office correlates directly with the success of your business. Here are a few reasons why it is important to maintain a clean office and a healthy environment for your business.

Office Cleanliness Affects Business Success

First Impressions

The first look that a client gets of your business when they walk through the doors could determine their expectations for your company. If your office is messy and unorganized, how can a client trust that you’ll be helpful, proficient, and timely?

A clean office will send the message that you are a professional and reliable company. If your office is tidy and clean, both clients and co-workers will have a positive image of you and your business. It is important to clean your desk as well as your appliances, furniture, windows, and carpets to provide a consistent and overall orderly appearance. A deep cleaning by a professional cleaning service can help your office achieve the positive first impression it deserves.

Mental Health

A messy and unorganized office space is nearly impossible to work in. If your employee’s workspace is physically cluttered then their minds may be cluttered as well. The messes surrounding employees can often be distracting and hinder workflow by causing misplacement of important documents or needed files. No one looks forward to working in a messy office, and an employee’s clean deskmorale can greatly affect the quality of his or her work. If your office is tidy then it will help put you and your employees’ minds at ease while improving efficiency, as it’s one less thing they have to worry about.

Invest in organizers and file systems to make your office a clean and positive environment by tidying up messes. Furthermore, a professional cleaning service can help by keeping all appliances, furniture, desk spaces, and carpets as clean as they were the day you bought them. Your employees will experience less stress, more focus, and a better attitude about work if they are in a clean office.

Physical Health

One of the most obvious reasons to have a clean office is to improve your employees’ physical health. Offices attract a lot of bacteria as you and your employees spend most of the day there in close proximity, which increases the spread of germs, leading to a decrease in the air quality. This can cause employees to get sick which, in turn, leads to a decrease in productivity.

By keeping your office clean,  the air quality and cleanliness of common contact points in your building will improve, which will support the physical health of your employees, helping them to get sick employeemore done and use less sick days. A regular and proper cleaning by a professional service will ensure that your office is in top shape, improving the cleanliness of your business and the physical health of your employees.

A clean office and healthy environment is the key to any successful business. A regular and proper cleaning from a professional cleaning service company will save you and your employees the time and effort of tidying up the office. The use of professional cleaning chemicals and tools also ensures the office is its cleanest possible. An office cleaned by the professionals at D’s Cleaning Service will lead to better first impressions of your business as well as improved mental and physical health for you and your employees. Call D’s Cleaning Service to help clean your Baton Rouge and New Orleans area offices.


Spring cleaning tips for the office

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

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Spring has sprung! The return of warm weather and spring’s fresh start is the perfect time to clean and organize your office. Now that the cold days of winter have passed, here are a few tips to help you tidy up your office and transition into spring.

Spring Clean Your Office for a Fresh Start to the Year

Clean All Surfaces

The best place to start your spring cleaning is on the surfaces that are used every day. Your desk, chairs, tables, and shelves get dirty over time and may have been overlooked in the busy days of winter. It is important to keep these surfaces clean by dusting or wiping them down with professional cleaning chemicals.

keyboardOther surfaces that are often forgotten about are the electronics in your office. It is essential to wipe down the phone, keyboard, mouse, printer, fax machine, and computer screens in your office. These electronics can get grimy over time and collect dust and other particles. Don’t forget to remove the pesky crumbs in your keyboard that may have built up over quick lunches and mid-day snacks. Once they are clean, your electronics will function like new and be ready to use all season long.

 Freshen Up the Break Room

As one of the most used communal rooms in the office, the break room can get messy easily with employees preparing and eating food. The first step to achieving a spotless break room is to clean the refrigerator. Empty out and discard all food that is no longer edible and wipe down the interior and exterior with professional cleaning products.

It is also important to keep your other appliances clean. The microwave and coffee maker can become unsanitary with caked on food over time and employees do not always think to clean them out. Use wipes or cleaning products to wipe down these and any other appliances so that you can start off spring with a fresh break room.

 Tidying the Bathroom

Another commonly used place in the office is the bathroom. A dirty bathroom is the last thing your business needs in the eventful days of spring. Toilets and sinks collect grime, particles, and dust over time. It is important to thoroughly scrub these fixtures to keep the bathroom looking and feeling clean. Sweeping and mopping floors will also help to sanitize your entire bathroom.

 Make Your Carpets Look New Again

The carpets in your office are often the home of all of winter’s messes. Salt from the roads, dirt, and snow on the bottom of shoes, and dust from the heater all get trapped icarpet cleaningn your carpet leaving it unclean. Your carpet needs a professional deep clean to remove all of the winter debris and messes. A professional cleaning will leave your carpet looking as good as the day you bought it.

 While all these tasks are essential in creating a clean workspace in your office, they can all be very tedious and time-consuming. Hiring a professional cleaning service like D’s Cleaning Service can help your business with the headache that is spring cleaning, leaving your office fresh and ready for the new season. Call D’s Cleaning Service today for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans area offices.