Sanitizing Your Daycare

Sanitizing Your Daycare

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When parents drop their child off at your daycare, they expect them to be in a safe and healthy environment. Their standards for daycare cleanliness are set high, as their child’s health is of the utmost importance. A regular professional cleaning can help create the safest and cleanest atmosphere for your daycare.

Sanitize Your Daycare with a Professional Cleaning Service

Why a Clean Daycare is a Safe Daycare

A daycare is a place of learning, stimulation, and fun, but it can also be home to varying messes and germs. Germs are more prone to spreading throughout a daycare, as children do not understand hygiene practices as well as adults. Children are often curious and enjoy putting everything in their mouths, which compromises the sanitation of the daycare. A basic disinfecting process is not always enough to keep a daycare clean. A professional cleaning service has access to powerful cleaning solutions and tools that are safe for kids while effective in fighting germs and bacteria.

Sanitize your daycare's common areas.Sanitizing Your Daycare

Germs can spread rapidly throughout a daycare, so it’s important to disinfect everything on a regular basis. All surfaces such as tables, chairs, toys, and other furniture should be wiped down with safe chemical solutions. Areas such as infant and toddler rooms, diaper changing areas, sitting rooms, playrooms, and dining areas should receive special cleaning attention, as they are often home to the biggest messes and largest amounts of germs.

Little hands often leave the most smudges and fingerprints on windows and other glass surfaces. It is important to regularly wipe these areas down so that your clients can feel confident in knowing that your daycare is sanitary.

Dust can cause many problems for children with light to severe allergies. The entire daycare should be regularly dusted. Even high places children can’t reach should be dusted, like on top of bookshelves and fan blades. This will prevent dust from spreading into the air and affecting those children with allergies.

Children who are young enough to be in daycare may not know how to properly use the bathroom. This may lead to messes and germs lurking in the bathroom. A regular cleaning of the sinks, tubs, toilets, and other fixtures is crucial in keeping up the sanitation of your daycare’s bathroom.

Keeping Daycare Floors Clean

Sanitize your daycare's floors.Typically, children spend most of their day playing on the floor. Because of this, it is essential that all floors in your daycare are kept clean. All floors, including those in individual daycare rooms, hallways, sitting areas, lobbies, and bathrooms, should be cleaned appropriately on a regular basis.

Carpets are often a major source of germs. Routinely shampoo your carpets in order to get rid of all the bacteria hidden deep inside them. In addition, all carpets and hard surfaces should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust particles and improve the air quality throughout your daycare.

A professional cleaning service has access to powerful chemicals that will properly clean all of the floors in your daycare without compromising the safety of you or the children.

It is essential to keep your daycare clean and safe for every child that enters the building. Hiring a professional cleaning service such as D’s Cleaning Service will ensure that your daycare is up to proper sanitation standards while saving you the time and effort of cleaning it yourself. Call the professionals at D’s Cleaning Service for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans daycare services.

post-construction clean up

Post-Construction Clean Up

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After a large construction project on your home or business, you may be eager to move back in or go back to work. However, post-construction clean up is important to complete in order to get back to your everyday life. Here are the steps that must be taken in order to ensure that your home or business is properly cleaned after construction.

The Post-Construction Clean Up Steps to Get You Back on Track

First Cleaning

Construction projects may compromise the cleanliness of your home or office. The post-construction cleaning process begins with a rough first cleaning that focuses on removing all the leftover debris. This may include large chunks of materials or smaller substances and construction mistakes including dust, caulking, adhesives, and paint overspray. This debris gathers over the time of construction, leaving your home or office looking unpleasant and debris

Next, you must clean all glass surfaces including windows, sliding doors, and any glass fixtures. Glass can become dirty easily during the construction process, as fingerprints and smudges appear when different people and objects come into contact with it. Glass must be sprayed with streak-proof chemicals and then wiped down with a microfiber rag in order to remove all marks.

The final step of the first cleaning phase is to wipe down window and door frames. This will help to remove excess grime that may be forgotten and that would have otherwise caused a dirty appearance in your home or business.

 In-Depth Cleaning

After the initial cleaning, a later in-depth cleaning is required to truly remove the dirty appearance caused by construction projects. All interior surfaces must be cleaned appropriately to remove debris, dust, fingerprints, smudges, and any other messes. This includes scrubbing countertops, wiping down floor trim and baseboards, dusting woodwork, and mopping or vacuuming the floor or carpet.

Secondly, cabinets and fixtures must be thoroughly scrubbed in order to restore them to their original appearance. Be sure to wash the inside, outside, and top of all cabinets and fixtures to remove any excess dust, debris, or caulking that may be hidden in the smallest cracks or float into other rooms. This includes fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, showers, dressers, storage bins, counters, etc.

final cleaning
Final Inspection

The third and final phase in post-construction cleanup is a later touch-up cleaning. At this point in the cleanup process, final bits of dust and debris may have re-settled on the floor, fixtures, or other surfaces. An inspection will be done to determine if there is a need for a final dusting, mopping, vacuuming, or wipe-down of these areas to remove all dust and debris that may be remaining.

Throughout the cleaning process, your glass surfaces may have become dirty again due to the constant contact with them. A final review will determine if there are any smudges or fingerprints on glass surfaces that require another wipe-down as the final step in making your home or business shine after a construction project.

These three phases of post-construction clean up will help restore your home to its usual cleanliness. A professional cleaning service such as D’s Cleaning Service can help save you the time and headache of cleaning your home or office by yourself. A professional company such as this has access to the proper equipment to deal with and dispose of larger construction debris, high-powered vacuums with filters to catch more dust, and professional cleaning chemicals to leave your house or business looking spotless. Call D’s Cleaning Service for help with your Baton Rouge or New Orleans area home or office.