How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet

How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet

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Is Pet Odor Stinking Up Your Carpet? Here’s How to Remove Pet Odor from Your Carpet

Is your lovable, yet smelly pet stinking up your otherwise fresh and inviting home? Is your carpet stale, speckled, and stinky? Your carpet space can hold a lot of dirt, hair, mold, and pet urine. Smells build up over time, increasing with every little accident, muddy walk, or rainy roll across the carpet. It’s easy to get used to the smell when you live there, but your guests may be holding their breaths when they enter your door. If your cuddly critter is making your carpet a mess, try these trusted tips from D’s Cleaning Service. We want to help you remove the pet odor from your carpet so you can enjoy your home and be proud of it too.


Try Carpet Spray or Odor-Eliminating CandlesImage of dog rolling around on carpet, causing hard to remove pet odors

If your carpet’s stench is mild to moderate, you may be able to remove the pet odor with odor eliminating candles or carpet spray. There are several powerful carpet sprays on the market that can soak into the top layers of your carpet and lift the odors and stains.

Be sure to pick a carpet spray that is safe for use around your pets and safe for your carpet. We recommend enzymatic cleaners to neutralize pet odors. Enzymatic cleaners are powered by natural enzymatic bacteria that is activated when it comes into contact with organic matter. It won’t harm your pets or alter the natural color of your carpet while it brightens dingy spots and attacks unwanted stains.

Once the bulk of the stench is lifted from the carpet, you can light an odor eliminating candle to purge the lingering pet odor from the air. There are some high-powered odor-eliminating candles made specifically for pet odors, that come in a wide range of scents from lavender to bamboo breeze. The candles can help cleanse the air and give your home a fresh, inviting scent.


Carpet Shampooing

If you’ve got a heavy-duty carpet stench that can’t be conquered with carpet spray or candles, you may need to take a stronger approach. Professional carpet shampooing is a great way to remove old, set-in smells and stains from your carpet. This is the only way to penetrate into the deepest layers of your carpet to purge the dirt, urine, and bacteria. After a professional carpet shampooing, your carpet will smell fresh and clean, and it may even regain some of its original brightness.

D’s Cleaning is a reputable cleaning company that provides intensive, high-quality carpet shampooing services. We use a high-powered sprayer to wet your carpet with a solution that attacks any dirt, unwanted material, and odor. Then, we use a powerful vacuum to remove the solution. This removes the smells, stains, dirt, allergens, bacteria, and organic matter from your carpet. Once we’re done with your carpet, it won’t just smell amazing, it will look brand new. Our service is thorough and efficient, so we can get your carpet looking and smelling good as new in no time.


Preventing Odor in the FutureImage of homeowner using a vacuum to remove pet odor from carpet

In order to maintain your fresh, clean carpet, you need to prevent pet odors from setting into your carpet all over again. Here’s a few helpful tips to keep your creatures from stinking up your freshly cleaned carpet.

The most prominent pet odor that will plague your carpets is urine. Making some changes in your home can help prevent your pets from urinating on your carpet. You can install a dog door so that your animals can go outside to use the bathroom when they need to. You could also try using pet training pads so that your pet can use the bathroom in a controlled space that won’t leak onto your carpet.

Another unpleasant stench that could penetrate your carpet is that “wet dog smell.” Make sure you are drying your pets off thoroughly after a bath or a run through the rain before you let them roll around on your carpet.


Call D’s Cleaning Service for Carpet Shampooing to Remove Pet Odors

If you’re in need of a high-quality, intensive carpet shampooing service to remove pet odors from your carpet, call D’s Cleaning Service. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to get your carpet smelling fresh as a daisy and looking good as new in no time. You can have a fresh start with your pets and prevent odors from setting into your carpet in the future.

Cleaning Your Space After Having the Flu

Cleaning Your Space After Having the Flu

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Disinfect Your Home After Having the Flu with These Tips

It’s that time of the year again. The flu and other viruses are in full swing. Anyone of your family members or roommates can contract the flu at any time, and just because the symptoms are gone doesn’t mean you should forgo caution. Know how to keep the virus from spreading to another member of your home with these helpful tips from D’s Cleaning Service.


How to Disinfect ProperlyImage of woman disinfecting home after the flu

It can be tricky to know where to start and what cleaning products to use. Products labeled as a disinfectant are the best choice because they attack the virus itself to stop it from spreading. Using disinfectant sprays and disposable towels is the best method. Sponges and cloths can spread viruses to other surfaces or even other areas of the house.


Five Items and Areas to Disinfect After Having the Flu

  1. Bedding

One of the first items you should tackle after a wave of illness has spread throughout the home is your bedding. Switch out dirty bedding and pillowcases for clean ones and put the dirty ones through the wash with hot water and detergent for a thorough clean. Use high heat settings for the dryer as well to help kill any lingering germs.

  1. Communal Areas (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room)

Cleaning shared spaces in a home should be another top priority after the flu hits. Surface areas of the kitchen, bathroom, and living room should be a main focus. Disinfectant should be sprayed on those surfaces and all furniture. Make sure to do a little bit of detail work in each of these areas. For instance, take the time to disinfect the TV remote that everyone touches in the living room.

  1. Door Knobs and Light Switches

Cleaning and disinfecting the doorknobs and light switches in a home are a critical part of getting rid of a contagious, persistent virus. Take a disinfectant wipe to these items in all parts of the house, as well as any cabinet handles in the kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Electronic DevicesImage of woman cleaning with disinfectant after the flu

Phones and other handheld electronic devices can be a hub for viruses. All you need to do to kill any germs on your devices is take a disinfectant wipe to them for a quick clean without damaging your device.

  1. Kid’s Toys

If your child was sick with the flu or any other contagious virus, it’s a good call to clean any toys and areas they play in. This includes their stuffed animals! Toss Teddy in the laundry for a delicate machine wash for a good-as-new clean.


Call D’s Cleaning for a Deep Residential Clean After the Flu

Need a deeper clean after the flu hits your home? D’s Cleaning Service offers a professional all-over residential cleaning with high-grade disinfectants and equipment. Let us give you peace of mind after a contagious illness comes through your home. Call today at 225-572-9497!