Keep Your Office Clean During the Flu Season

Prevent the Flu in Your Office

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As the seasons change you may find that an unwanted visitor has sneaked into your office space. The flu virus can spread quickly and easily, affecting your employees and interrupting productivity in your office. It is important to prevent the flu virus before it even has the chance to enter your business. A regularly scheduled professional cleaning service could be the hero that your office needs.

Prevent the Flu in Your Office by Keeping High Traffic Areas Clean

Touch Points

Every office has common touch points, or areas that employees often come into direct contact with throughout the day. These may include door handles, kitchen counters, water fountains, phones, keyboards, other computer equipment, etc. Bacteria can live on these surfaces and spread easily because different people touch them so often. A professional cleaning service can routinely sanitize these areas with professional cleaning products, keeping even the most common touch points safe and germ-free while saving you the time and headache.

DeskPrevent the flu by cleaning your office desks

It is easy for an employee’s workplace to get cluttered and messy. General clutter and food fragments increase the amount of bacteria, dust, and particles present in the office, escalating the chance of illness. Wiping down your desk every once in awhile may not be effective enough to prevent illness from spreading among other coworkers, especially when the flu is going around. With specialized chemicals and deep cleaning techniques, a professional cleaning service can prevent the start of the flu virus by removing the collected bacteria, dust, and particles from cluttered desks.


Bathrooms are an obvious place for germs to live, particularly during flu season. The flush handles, doorknobs, sink handles, paper towel dispensers, and fixture surfaces can all host an assemblage of bacteria. These bacteria feed off of moisture and dust, both of which can easily collect in the bathroom area. Common areas should be sanitized and disinfected regularly. Hiring a professional cleaning service will save you from doing the tedious job yourself and will ensure that your office bathrooms are tidy and without germs.


Food waste, crumbs, dust, moisture, and other substances in your office kitchen causes the kitchen to be a popular spot for bacteria, as it feeds off of these types of things. The bacteria can easily be transferred onto food or come into direct contact with employees as they prep their lunch or get a drink of water. This can lead to the spread of the flu virus as well as other illnesses. While a simple wipe down may create the appearance of a clean kitchen, it is necessary for a professional to deep clean it in order to remove the hidden bacteria and other germs that you may not see. This will prevent the spread of the flu and other illnesses in your office while leaving your kitchen a clean and safe room for cooking and eating.


Whether they are carpeted or tiled, floors are the center for many bacteria and germs. People come in and out of your office on a regular basis tracking in bacteria and other particles, which then become trapped in your flooring without you even noticing. A regular carpet cleaning from a professional can remove the bacteria, germs, odors, and stains, leaving your carpet looking fresh. A regularly cleaned carpet will be one of the main driving forces against the spread of bacteria and germs that cause illnesses like the flu. An expert cleaning service can clean the dirtiest carpets with industrial equipment and professional cleaning chemicals, ensuring that nothing gets left behind within your carpets.

An illness can spread around the workplace in an instant, affecting everyone in your business. Hiring a professional cleaning company such as D’s Cleaning Service can prevent the spread of illnesses such as the flu, keeping your business up and running all season long. Call D’s Cleaning Service today for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans area offices.

Why Your Home Isn't Selling

Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

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A few months ago you put your beautiful home on the market. As time passes, you still haven’t received any callbacks or offers. This confuses you because the house is listed at market value and it’s in a popular area. The problem, however, may have nothing to do with price or location. It’s possible that your home isn’t selling due to its current maintained state. As a homeowner, it’s natural to see no flaws in your beautiful house. However, homebuyers may see otherwise. People tend to put high importance on appearance, so making your home look visually appealing can be a benefit in selling. A professional deep cleaning may be the only thing standing in the way of selling your home.

Although it’s hard to admit, sometimes the standard of a clean house differs from homeowners to homebuyers. As a homeowner, you’ve put in your own effort to clean the house. While you’ve done a great job, there may be things left unnoticed that only a professional will address. Your home may have an odor you don’t notice, a small stain in the carpet that you’ve forgotten about, or smudges on the wall that you think aren’t a big deal. To an outsider, these small often overlooked details may be the deal breaker on whether they purchase the house. It may be time to call in some professional cleaners.

If Your Home Isn’t Selling, Hiring a Professional Cleaner Could Help

Deep clean your carpets if your home isn't selling.Carpet

Carpets are often one of the dirtiest places in a house. However, they are easily forgotten about. Unpleasant odors, unattractive stains, and unwanted bacteria collect over time. Some of these messes are hidden deep inside the carpet. It is important to deep clean your carpet in order to remove all the unwanted stains and odors and to give it that newly purchased feel. While there are deep carpet cleaners for purchase at most stores, you should consider a professional carpet cleaner that has industrial equipment and professional cleaning chemicals. They guarantee a noticeable difference and have better equipment, cleaners, and techniques to ensure quality results. A deep carpet shampoo could make all the difference in the selling of your house.

A diry bathroom can prevent your home from selling.Bathrooms

Imagine that you have invited guests to your house. They walk into the bathroom to find a complete mess. Immediately, they have a negative perception of the home and its owners. This is not the impression you would want to give your houseguests, so why treat potential buyers any differently? There are odors and bacteria that you may not detect living in the bathroom and within its fixtures. If the bathroom is not in top-notch condition then a potential homebuyer may think twice about purchasing and this could be the reason why your home isn’t selling. Hiring professionals will save you from the time and headache of cleaning the bathroom.


One of the most important rooms in a home is the kitchen. It is often the selling point for potential homebuyers. While it is an essential room in the house, it is often hard to maintain a clean kitchen. It’s important to reach every piece of the room; surface tops, appliances, shelves, floors, etc. The underlying messes often create the appearance of a messy kitchen. The kitchen is an essential room in the home, and it is important to keep it clean. By hiring a professional cleaning service, the grueling work and timely routine will be taken off of your hands, leaving you with an impeccable kitchen. This could make all the difference in whether or not your home sells.

While you may think your house is perfect, someone else may not, which may be the reason your home isn’t selling. Hiring a professional cleaning company such as D’s Cleaning Service can give your home that extra polish it needs to fly off the market. Call D’s Cleaning Service today for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans area homes.