A Clean Office – Carpet Sanitation and Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is an ordinary part of the office, however, its upkeep is often overlooked. Many businesses fail to clean their carpet until it’s in a dire state, which can be problematic for the health of you and your employees as well as any clients that walk through your doors. So, is your office carpet really clean?

Carpet Cleaning is Important for a Healthy and Clean Office

Your Office Carpet is Dirtier Than You Think

The carpets in your office may be home to more dirt and grime than you would assume. Carpets are essentially a giant filter in your building, absorbing the dirt, debris, dust, and other particles that you, your employees, and your clients track in daily.

  • Dirt and Dust – Foot traffic tends to bring a lot of dirt and dust into your office. These particles are tracked in on the bottom of shoes and ground deeply into the fibers of your carpet. Without proper cleaning and removal of the particles, air ducts may pick up and circulate the dirt and dust fibers, making them airborne and reducing the indoor air quality.dirt deep within the fibers of your carpet
  • Food Crumbs – Food crumbs are another concern and are inevitable when employees or clients eat in the office. Food crumbs and drink spills quickly soak deep into the carpet fibers and padding. If left untouched, these messes can cause unappealing stains and odors. A vacuum cleaner may help to clean the surface of the carpet, but will not clean deep enough to truly eliminate the food or liquid spills.
  • Carpet Beetles and Dust Mites – Similar to bed bugs, pesky carpet beetles and dust mites may also lurk within the fibers of your office carpet. These bugs are so small that they are impossible to detect, but their bites can cause an uncomfortable rash for you and your employees. Not only are they a nuisance, but both carpet beetles and dust mites can also pollute the air in your office by spreading fecal debris into the air.
  • Dead Skin – Did you know that humans shed a lot of dead skin cells each day? According to the American Chemistry Society, humans shed 500 million cells every day. These skin cells accumulate over time and may be hidden deep within your carpet. Without proper cleaning, these particles will circulate into the air and become a source of airborne allergens, potentially affecting every person that walks in your office.

All of the particles that are hidden within the depths of your office’s carpet could lead to the much bigger problem of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria thrive off of the debris, dust, dirt, food crumbs, and dead skin cells that are trapped within your carpet. These germs and bacteria will continue to live in your carpet and spread to the rest of the office to create an unhealthy working environment and compromise the indoor air quality of your office. Having your carpets shampooed and deep cleaned is necessary to remove the deep messes hidden in your carpet and to help prevent poor air quality in the workplace.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Important

professional carpet cleaningWhile routine vacuuming and use of carpet cleaning chemicals may fix the surface appearance of a messy carpet, a deep cleaning carpet shampoo service is necessary to truly sanitize deep within the fibers of your carpet. A clean carpet will create a healthier working environment for you and your employees. A well-kept and professionally cleaned carpet will be free from dirt, dust, and other pollutants within the carpet fibers, preventing the spread of airborne allergens and keeping your employees healthy.

As current and potential customers walk through the doors of your office, they may take note of its cleanliness. A dirty carpet may give off the impression that your business is sloppy and unprofessional while a clean carpet will create a better overall experience for the customers that walk through your doors.

While vacuuming may appear to be effective in keeping the carpet clean, a deep carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing is what your office really needs to create a healthier environment and to maintain an attractive appearance. A professional team like D’s Cleaning Service will ensure that your carpet is in the safest, cleanest, and best-looking condition possible. Call D’s Cleaning Service today for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans area offices.


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