A Clean Office is a Safe Office

Office Cleaning Benefits

Professional Office Cleaning Keeps Your Office Safe by Removing the Risk of Sickness

Let’s talk about work. It’s the place where we spend eight to ten hours a day, five days a week. At work, we are in constant contact with both people and germs. While most of us understand the importance of having a clean home, we often forget about cleanliness in the office. Here is why having your office cleaned is important for both your employees and your business.

Time to Talk about the Mess in the Room

breakrooms are a huge target of office cleaningThink of all the different items you touch on an average day at the office. Did you touch the breakroom sink or the microwave door today? According to a study done by the University of Arizona, those two places are the dirtiest places at work. The third dirtiest in an office are keyboards, which most of us use every day. An office is like a house, everyone has their own space, but there are areas that everyone shares, like the kitchen. If your office isn’t properly cleaned, a case of the flu or common cold could quickly spread throughout the whole department or company.

Boost the Workflow

A clean, organized work environment boosts both morale and productivity. The atmosphere of a workplace can affect a person’s behavior and personality. A clean work environment makes an impression on your employees about how they view their jobs. If the office is dirty and unkempt overall, employees are less likely to keep their own workspace clean and organized. The more organized the workspace is, the faster and more efficiently the employees can work.

Clean to Impress

How your office looks says a lot about the company and whom the company hires. A dirty office shows that the employees do not care and are sloppy about their work. This kind of representation makes the company look unprofessional, and reflects a poor image to the public. An easy way to improve the image of your company is to have it cleaned. Clients and potential employees want to work with a company that is organized, professional, and not dirty.

Better Health, Less Used Sick Days

Having a clean work environment expresses that the company is interested in the health of its employees. Regularly cleaning your office will help prevent the spread of illnesses in the office. Less germs means less sickness. Less sickness means employees will use less sick leave.office cleaning leads to happy and healthy employees

Germs are not the only culprits that cause sickness; allergies also play a major role in causing people to become sick and feel uncomfortable. According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 30 percent of adults suffer from allergies. Having the office vacuumed and dusted regularly will help those in your office who suffer from dust and pollen allergies to breathe easier.

The office, whether you like it or not, is like your home. It is where you spend several hours a day working, talking, and even eating. Just like a home, your office needs to be cleaned. Hire a company like D’s Cleaning Service to help keep your business and your employees looking professional and staying healthy.

3 thoughts on “A Clean Office is a Safe Office”

  1. Hi Donald, I definitely agree that a clean office is really a safe office! And not only that, you are also right in saying that a clean and organized workplace will enhance and lighten the environment. What caught my attention here is that it will result in fewer absences or perfect attendance since everybody is healthy!

  2. It grabbed my attention when you said that cleaning the office will affect people’s impression and lead them to think that the company is professional and well organized. Since the company is just starting, we have to see to it that the public views positively. That way, we can invite more investors. If cleaning the office will help even if just a little bit, then I am sure the boss will be more than willing to give it a try.

  3. Thanks for the warning that an office that neglects to clean its microwave door, breakroom sink, and keyboards would increase the chance of its employees from catching the flu quickly. With that in mind, my suggestion is to hire a local cleaning service to clean an office once at the end of the workday and ask them to deep clean it every three months. Doing this will also help keep employees productive in the long run.

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